So you buy that beautifully coloured handbag which you’ve been lusting after for ageeees! 

Go you!

But the last thing you want is for that gorgeous colour to then fade... Unfortunately, over time and with wear, that is exactly what we see happening to designer bags. That’s why here at Bagsamoré, we’ve developed one of the best Colour Restoration services for bags!

If you don’t believe it, check out some of our colour work examples below.

We use pigments or dyes, mixed and matched by our professionally trained eyes, to perfectly match the new colour to the bags original colour. It’s not just full handbag colour restoration work we offer either, we carry out small touch ups too (this is where your bag might have just lost a little colour in an area).


Bag Colour Work Examples


Leather Chanel Bag Colour Restore

White bags can fade with wear and start to look dirty, but don’t worry - we have the skills and expertise to bring these bags back to their stunning selfs! This chevron Chanel bag was sent into Bagsamore for Refresh and Restore packages (which you can purchase here). So first up was a Leather Clean treatment. This is where all the surface dirt was cleaned off the bags exterior and interior. Then we revived the bright white colour of this Chanel bag with a Colour Work treatment. How much better does it look after coming to Bagsamoré?!

Chanel Colour Work

Chanel Leather Colour Work

Vintage Chanel Colour Restoration

Our next before and after is a vintage Chanel bag which lost its colour and lustre. This handbag needed our Colour Revival service, for sure! We cleaned the bags leather surface, then dyed it back to black. Our expertise means that we can restore the colour of this vintage Chanel bag and keep its lambskin leather feeling soft and supple to the touch!

Vintage Chanel Colour Restoration


Balenciaga Bag Colour Restore

This Balenciaga handbags blue colour faded over time and its owner wanted it looking bright again! So she knew to come see the Bagsamore ladies to give her bag the makeover it deserves. The team gave it a full clean to remove the surface dirt and then worked to restore its blue colour.

Balenciaga Motorcycle Colour Restore Bag


Ink Removal and Colour Restore

This poor customers Celine handbag was graffitied on with a black marker - shocking we know! You’d think that would be the end of this gorgeous blue and grey bag, but no! Luckily, this handbags owner dropped it off at Bagsamoré. Once here, the expert team worked hard to remove as much ink as possible from its leather surface. They then carried out the colour work treatment, mixing a near identical colour which covered up the remainder of the ink. An amazing result we’re sure you’ll agree!

Handbag Ink Removal and Colour Restoration

Mulberry Mitzy Colour Work

This Mulberry Mitzy hobo handbag had been well used over the years. The bags brown colour was even looking washed out and dull. It’s owner had enough and sent it into Bagsamoré. Once here it had a Leather Clean, Piping Repair and Colour Restoration treatments. Now this Mulberry bag is back to looking its best!

Mulberry Mitzy Handbag Colour Work


Louis Vuitton Slider Colour Refresh

So it’s not just designer bags which we work on! Check out the job we did on these Louis vuitton sandals. Shoes and sandals can definitely see their fair share of wear and tear with day to day use and these were no exception. Our team refreshed the shoes with an expert clean, then mixed a colour by eye (ensuring it’s the perfect match) to restore the pink colour. We absolutely LOVE these shoes! And we’re so pleased we could restore them back to their stylish self.

Louis Vuitton Sliders Colour Work

So what are you waiting for?

If you love your bag, but it’s colour needs some work, get a quote from Bagsamoré!