Bag Repair


Here at Bagsamore we adore designer bags and know how much they mean to their owners! That’s why we not only lovingly clean and restore bags, but we also carry out numerous bag repairs. From cat scratches on a Chanel bag to loose stitches on a Prada purse trust me, we’ve seen (and repaired) it all!  

From our workshop based in the heart of Sydney, we have developed specialist techniques and work by hand to give your bag the best makeover possible!


Our bag repair services include:

Leather Bag Repair (from $80)

Bag Lining Strip (from $150)

Bag Eding/Inking (from $100)

Bag Stitching (from $50)

Bag Piping Repair (from $80)

Metal Polish (from $35)


If you have a bag which needs the bagsamore treatment, visit our workshop in Sydney or arrange a free courier collection today!


Bag Repair Examples


Louis Vuitton Handle Edging

A great example of how a freshen up of the edging colour can really brighten up your bag. Louis Vuitton edging can fade really quickly making your bag look tired and worn. This bag repair treatment will have the edging on your bag back to looking it's best in no time! We match to the original colour for a seamless repair.



Gucci Handle Edging

This vintage Gucci was looking tired and worn with the edging wearing away along its long strap. We matched the colour and repainted the edging for a tidy finish. It’s the small details that can make all the difference. Vintage bag repairs can increase the life of your bag, giving them a new lease on life.




Chanel Flap Leather Bag Repair

The corners on this Chanel bag had become badly damaged. Damage like this can happen from naughty pets chewing on corners, bags trapped in doors and other accidental nightmares! We fill and smooth the leather and refinished the surface. Now the holes are gone!




Prada Saffiano Tote Stitching Bag Repair

This bag was a sentimental piece sent in which needed much love and care. The sides and lining had become unstitched, the edging was gone and the bag was in need of a clean and freshen up. So we did just that. We stitched through the otiginal holes and edged the top edge.




Tab Replacement

This favourite bag was looking worse for wear and on the verge of breaking. We removed the old tab and replaced with a new one. Now this bag is ready for many more seasons wear!




Givenchy Antigona Tab Repair 

After being overfilled the tab gave way for the long strap. We fashioned a new tab out of the swatch that came with the bag and hand stitched it in.




Louis Vuitton Canvas Corner Repair

The canvas on this bag had completely worn through. We rebuilt the area using specialist fillers and touched up the colour to match!




Piping Repair

This laptop bag had seen some wear and tear after being used every day. The piping had worn through on multiple areas. We repaired the leather and filled the areas making them strong and blending the surface to disguise the damage. Now this bag is back in action



Chanel Caviar Corner Repairs

This gorgeous bag came in with well worn corners on all sides with this one being the worst. We cleaned and coloured the bag and repaired each corner with specialist flexible fillers that imitate the surface of the leather for a professional finish