This leather Carolina Herrera handbag came to us with severe piping wear and tear as well as a large portion of the bag discoloured. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “piping,” it is something you should have on your radar if you plan on buying or already own certain leather bags. Piping is the narrow, round edge around handbags. Designer brands that use piping details on handbags include Gucci, Chanel, Celiné, Louis Vuitton and so many more.


What is the Piping Process?


For this particular bag, you can notice there was a severe rip in the leather piping, but it was nothing the Bagsamoré team has never seen. In order to keep the authenticity of the designer bag, we do not replace the piping, but rather repair the affected area.


We repair the affected area by using specialist techniques and professional leather products. In our piping service, we not only repair the broken piping, but we also repair the surrounding leather back together. The missing leather is replaced with flexible leather fillers and that as well as the piping is re-coloured to match the bag.



- All handbags except Suede, Nubuck or Fabric

In addition, we recommend doing a colour service as well to restore the surrounding areas of the piping.


What is the Colour Restore Process?


The colour restore service is recommended because this will restore the surrounding areas of the piping repair. The restore process is preferred because repairing the bag rather than replacing it retains the authenticity of the bag.


In the case of this Carolina Herrera bag, the surface of the leather was very discoloured, requiring us to perform a colour restore service on a large area of the bag. Discolouration can be caused by many things; from normal wear and tear, fading, to other fabrics or dyes affecting the leather.


Our colour restoration services range from the smallest touch ups to overall colour revival. We perform the colour restoration by using pigments or dyes that are matched to original leather to perfection. This service includes colour match, restoration and a refinish of the leather.



- Finished leather

- Aniline leather

- Lamb skin

- Calf skin

- Ostrich leather

- Snake/Python leather

- Crocodile leather

- Other exotic leathers

What are the Prices of the Services?


Piping Repair starts at $80.


Colour Work starts at $125.

Is this what your Bag Needs?


Still not sure if this is what your bag needs? You can always receive a free quote from us that is tailored to your bag specifically. 


If this is what your bag may need, or if we can provide an alternative service to your bag, Bagsamoré offers a free courier service in major cities of Australia to make the process as easy as possible! 


Contact us today for a quote so we can give your bag a new lease on life.