Chanel Bag Cleaning and Repair Australia


We know how precious your Chanel handbags are, and that is why we offer the highest quality Chanel bag cleaning and repair in Australia.

We know a fair few things about Chanel handbags and the expectation that comes along with them. It is in our best interest to get your Chanel handbags back to looking their best without any compromises.


Chanel Bag Cleaning

At Bagsamoré we have different cleaners and techiques for every variety of leather. This means we can get the best possible results for your bag. 

Pigmented Leather

For pigmented leathers such as the Chanel Caviar leather, we have a foam cleaning service which gets deep in to the grain, lifting dirt and soiling on the surface - this is the most effective way for cleaning this type of leather.


Unfinished Leather

For lambskin Chanel handbags, which often have little to no finish on the surface we have a specialist aniline cleaner, which gently cleans the surface of the bag, without being absorbed quickly. This allows for more effective cleaning results and no chance of water marking. This specialy designed cleaner is exclusive to Bagsamoré in Australia so you won't find results quite like it any where else!


Suede & Nubuck

For suede and nubuck Chanel handbags, we have a wet and dry method for cleaning stains and dirt. Our in house developed cleaning system produces results like no other on suede and nubuck. 


Chanel Fabric Cleaning

Not only do we specialise in leather but we are experts at cleaning fabric too! Fully equipped to tackle problems such as dye transfer, ink stains, makeup and drink spillages. Although we cannot give a guarantee on full removal of stains from fabric, the results usually speak for themselves.

Chanel Handbag Colour Restore

It is our aim to preserve the original look and feel of the leather without causing stifness or hardness. Quite often after a full colour restore, some companies can return your bag back feeling stiff, rough or hard. This can either mean that too much colour has been used on the surface or the incorrect finishes have been used causing the leather to harden. 

Lambskin leather tends to have a very delicate finish, which gives the leather that soft buttery feeling that we all love so much. As soon as you start building up on the surface of the bag with pigments and finishes you will lose this texture. 

Here at Bagsamoré we have highly pigmented leather paints which means we only need a very light coat of colour on the surface to achieve the desired results.

Less is more!

Your bag should not feel or look painted once the job is done.

Once we have coloured the surface of the leather we apply a finish. Whilst some companies may use a solvent finish, our finishes are waterbased, giving a soft feel to the surface. We are also able to adjust the sheen to match the original leather for a professional look. However, if you did like your bag more shiny or more matte, you only need ask! We can change the look of your bag in any way that you desire. 


Chanel Bag Repair

We offer a number of different Chanel bag repairs at Bagsamoré. From worn out piping to stitching.

Piping Repair

It is quite common for the piping to wear through on the corners of your handbags. As this is a high impact area the leather slowly wears down until it breaks. We feel very strongly about retaining a bags authenticity here at Bagsamoré, so we will only work on or repair the area that is needed. We do not take the bag apart or replace parts, which can ultimately make the bag look fake. We will carry out surface repairs, stregthening the leather and finishing off with a colour touch up to match. 


Stitching Repair

If you own a Chanel flap, then you will know how temperamental the stitching can be in the corner. This always comes loose with lots of use. If you send it to us we will match the colour of the thread exactly and stitch back through the exisiting holes for a seamless repair. Quality workmanship means no evidence of a repair.



We Do Shoes Too!

That's right! We can clean and restore your Chanel shoes. From ballet pumps to espadrilles. Although we don't do soles or heels we can revamp the upper leather. So if it has become worn, discoloured or scuffed we can get it back to looking like it should without compromising the quality of the leather.


We do not use things such as shoe polishes which are likely to transfer and rub off. All of our colour work is sealed for longevity.



If you would like a quote for your Chanel handbag, then fill in our Quote Form with images and we will get back to you with a quote. 

Our lead time is 1 - 2 weeks and we offer an insured courier service both ways for those not in Sydney.