Do you have a beloved leather designer bag that has seen better days? Instead of sulking with damaged leather or replacing an expensive bag, we can repair the bag with minimal intervention. By doing minimal intervention, we only restore what is necessary in order to maintain the authenticity of the bag.

One of the most iconic leather handbag brands is the ever classic Chanel. When you wear your Chanel, you want your bag to look as good as you feel wearing it, so make sure it is always in its best shape!

This Chanel lambskin leather repair was such a satisfying transformation. This classic handbag has multiple issues including visible tears in the leather and looked worn. We requested images by email to deliver a quote to the client and got to work with leather fillers and pigments to refresh and repair her bag.

What is the service?

For this particular bag, a full leather repair service was required. This treatment rectifies any holes or damage to the leather smoothing over the surface while maintaining the leather’s natural characteristics.


This service includes:

Repair to the area using specialist leather fillers

Colour work to the affected area

Refinishing the affected areas

What is the cost of a Leather Repair?

The cost of a leeather repairs ranges depending on the extent of the damage of the bag. We've fixed bags suffering from scratches, scuffs, cigarette burns, severe corner damage and just general wear and tear to the leather. Although your handbag's damage may look irreversible, we want to try and help!

Leather repairs start from $80, but prices may vary depending on what the bag may need. We ensure that we'll repair your bag while maintaining its authenticity.

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