The Givenchy Antigona has quickly become a staple for luxury handbags. It is a high-quality stunning handbag that you can use as a work tote, or an everyday luxury bag.


While you may think this bag has been around forever, it was released in 2011 and became an instant classic. This take on a bowling bag with rigid handles and a removable shoulder strap boasts clean lines and quality leather.


We had a client come in with a light grey Givenchy Antigona that left looking like a brand new black leather handbag! 

What is the service?

Colour changes are one of the most unique services at Bagsamoré. We spend thousands of dollars on bags that are meant to last a lifetime, but those lightly coloured bags wear over time or you simply want a change!


A new colour for your leather, suede, or fabric bag can give your luxury piece a whole new life!


What did we do to this bag?

We received this grey Givenchy Antigona bag that had seen better days; the leather was worn, the colour was inconsistent due to aging and the handle’s grey leather colour had nearly rubbed off.


Instead of opting for a leather clean, our client requested a complete makeover for this Givenchy bag with our colour change services. This includes the surface of the bag, the zipper and the handles, giving this bag an entirely new life!

What is the process?

Our process for colour changes begins with a refresh service where we completely cleanse the bag. This allows us to work on a clean slate and ensures the highest quality outcome. 


This service includes a full colour change and refinish to leathers. But, do not worry, your suede and fabric bags are included as well! Suede and fabric can be dyed subject to colours, but we will let you know if it is possible when you send in pictures of your items for a quote.


Whether it is your Grandma’s vintage Chanel that needs a complete refresh or a Gucci wallet you bought yourself years ago, we have options for you! We use professional dyes to give it the best look and maintain its authenticity. We are able to colour match to whatever you like - we have had clients bring in dresses to match their handbags to!


One thing we do recommend is transitioning from a lighter colour to a darker one to help maintain the look and feel of the leather.


What is the cost of a colour change?

Colour changes start from $300, but each bag is unique to what it may need from the amount of service required to the surface area of the actual bag we will need to paint.


We also can change the colour of specific parts of bags, not just the entire piece. If you want to change the colour of a handle or a strap, we have options for you as well.


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