Gucci Handbag Cleaning and Repair


One of the most popular brands to come through our doors at Bagsamoré is Gucci. We restore everything from vintage to new, whether it be a small stain or full restoration, our Gucci Handbag Cleaning and Repair results are second to none!

Gucci Canvas Cleaning

Gucci canvas can get worn over time, picking up dirt from hands, floors tables etc. Luckily the canvas will clean up well, with stains and dirt lifting, brightening up the colour of the canvas and giving it a new lease on life. Although we can't guarantee 100% removal of staining we have great examples of successful cleans:


This Gucci came in with mystery black marks on the canvas. We professionally cleaned the bag, removing the stains completely! 


This vintage Gucci Bamboo came in with darkened dirty canvas and considerable wear to the leather. We fully cleaned the bag, brightening up the canvas and restored the leather areas.

Gucci Suede Cleaning

Gucci Dionysus is a hugely popular bag, but the suede can quickly become dirty. Sometimes accidents happen too, such as food, drink spillages, or dye transfer. Here at Bagsamoré we offer a specialist suede cleaning service which is perfect for these bags. We clean the bag with our water based cleaner and then brush up the leather to keep it soft. The results speak for themselves:


This Gucci Dionysus came in for a general clean to the suede. The results show the suede looking lighter and more even in colour.

This Dionysus Mini had a Miso soup spillage while the customer was out to lunch. In a panic she called us up and arranged to drop in her bag. Within two weeks we cleaned the bag and removed the staining. The customer was so happy she left us a 5 star review. Here is what she had to say:

'Freya did an amazing job. My gucci bag (the suede part!!) was got miso ramen soup spillage. Now, the marks on the front of my bag has completely gone, only left a small mark at the bottom of my bag which is hardly to be seen. Highly recommend. Definitely will go back there again!'


Gucci Velvet Cleaning

A common question we get asked is 'can we clean Gucci Velvet?' and the answer is yes! We can fully clean the bag inside and out. Quite often the marks that appear on velvet are not caused from dirt build up but are actually areas of wear. In places where the straps rub and around the edges can become worn with day to day use- this will make the bag look worn and grubby. The best solution for this is to dye the areas of wear, which will help to conceal them. Sadly restoring back worn away velvet cannot be done. 

This Gucci Marmont in Velvet came in for a clean and we dyed around the worn edges for a professional finish.

Gucci Leather Restoration

We LOVE restoring leather at Bagsamoré, that's why your Gucci is in safe hands when you send it to us. We fully clean the bag inside and out before matching the original colour of the leather. We then repray the surface with no more than two coats, for a light finish but with maximum coverage. This keeps the leather soft and supple and avoids that 'painted' feel that can so often happen with other restorers.  

This well loved bag was looking yellow and discoloured. We matched the original colour from an inside piece that was unworn and recoloured the whole bag. This gave the bag a new lease on life. 

Gucci Boston bags can become worn on the leather corners. This can quickly make the bag look untidy and will only get worse over time. We recommend catching it early to preserve the leather. We match the colour and touch up only the areas that need it. Just like this bag above.

Gucci Ink Removal

Ink is one of those things that always seems to happen no matter how careful we are! Whether is it a small stroke or a huge bleed, we can help. Full removal of ink from fabrics can not always be guaranteed but we will always aim to remove as much as possible. 

When ink affects leather we will remove as much as possible, making sure any loose ink is gone. We will then colour match and refinish the affected area to cover any remaining discolouration. 

Ink removal from Gucci linen lining. Using fabric cleaners and ink removers we managed to successfully remove this tiny ink stain on the inside pocket. 

Gucci Marmont Ink Removal. Although very small, this tiny ink stain was ruining the appearance of this bag. We carefully removed the ink from the area and touched it up with a tiny bit of custom matched colour. Now you would never know it was there!

Gucci Wallet Restoration

Not only do we restore handbags but we do wallets too! This particular one came in for a clean and colour restore the leather. We cleaned the canvas and touched up the pink areas with a custom matched pigment. The customer was thrilled with the results and so were we! 

Gucci Loafer Restoration

One of our favourite restorations has to be these white Gucci loafers! They were well worn from nights out and day to day wear. They had picked up surface dirt and the colour had become well worn, making them look scruffy. We fully cleaned the shoes before recolouring the leather. The results were amazing! 


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