Hermés Full Makeover

There are few things in life comparable to Hermés bags. It is not just a bag; it’s an investment, a lifestyle and an overall prized possession. 

So why do we let our beautiful investments fade and age? 


Because life happens. But, when life happens, Bagsamoré has you covered to bring your most precious items back to life.  We highlighted our most recent Hermés restoration that gave this bag a whole new lease on life!


This beautiful Hermés came in for a full makeover, and the before and after are remarkable...Check out what we did and how:

Leather Clean

First things first, we pride ourselves on cleanliness. While cleanliness may be chic now because of COVID, it has always been a priority at Bagsamoré. Along with disinfecting, we make sure our leather bags receive a good scrub using water based products that are good for the environment as well. 


We have specially curated services for different types of leather, because we understand not all bags are the same and one size does not fit all when it comes to leather. 


Also when it comes to cleaning, the inside cannot be forgotten. We will make sure the inside will be as sparkling as the outside! This also includes removing odour as well.  This, like the leather cleaning, is done with water based products - no bleach or harsh chemicals in sight!


Colour Fading

This Hermés bag's beautiful brown leather looked worn and lighter in spots. But, don’t fret! This is normal! 


Over time, leather bags can become faded from everyday use. Colour restoration services can range from the smallest touch ups if you’re the type of person that fixates on imperfections, to all over colour revival, which is what we did to this Hermés.


We restored the colour to its original beautiful brown leather - it takes years off the look of your bag! Oh, how we wish it was that easy when it comes to our aging! 


Leather Repair

The high quality leather is part of what makes Hermés bags iconic. This bag came to us dried and cracked. Whether it is normal wear and tear, or your leather bag has seen some dark days, we treat bags while maintaining the leather’s natural characteristics. 


We were able to repair the leather cracks and piping, which is the most noticeable fix. Piping is typically a weak spot on bags, but we do not replace it (to preserve authenticity), we repair the affected area using specialist techniques and professional leather products.  


Gold Plating

Now that we’ve covered the leather on this Hermés bag, let’s talk about the hardware. The iconic hardware on your Hermés bag can make or break it when it comes to the quality of your bag.


Dull hardware makes the overall look of your bag dull! Whether it needs to be replated or polished, we can help you. We will help reduce tarnishing and increase shine to make your bag the highest quality it can be and give it the love it deserves. 



Contact our team if your handbag needs a little TLC too and follow the blog to see next next month’s handbag transformation! You could even see your bag featured...

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