When your handbag needs repairing, it can be intimidating and expensive. But, Bagsamoré is able to repair anything from fixing the stitching on your Chanel bag, to removing scratches from your beloved vintage luxury bag.

At Bagsamoré, one of Australia's leading luxury bag cleaning and restoration services, we are experts in the repair of designer bags and have seen our fair share of cracked, discoloured, mouldy and broken handbags. We have a range of options available to repair or refresh your bags so that they return to a condition that you’ll love them in.

Let’s get into the details of repairing a luxury bag; the options, prices, and examples to help guide you through what to expect when repairing a luxury good.


Leather Repair

leather repair handbag

Leather bag faults are a common issue for luxury bag owners. It may have you questioning, is it worth it to invest in a leather luxury bag? We’re here to tell you, yes! It is definitely worth it and we are in the business of making sure your bag keeps its amazing style and look. 

Whether it is normal wear and tear, cigarette burns, or severe corner damage, we treat all bags individually and will create a custom repair plan. We do all of this while maintaining the leather’s natural characteristics. This service includes repair to the area using specialized leather fillers, colour work to the affected area and refinishing. This can be done on all materials except suede, nubuck or fabric. We recommend pairing this with a colour service as well to restore the leather around the repair as well. The pricing starts from $80, but you can easily receive a quote to see if this repair is worth it for you.

General leather repair prices start from $80


Lining Strip

lining bag repair

The lining is a classic feature for vintage and older bags, but it can easily become sticky and crumbly over time. This is by no means the fault of the bag owner, but with vintage luxury bags, they need a bit more tender love and care.This TLC should be done responsibly because if you use the wrong products, it could damage your bag instead of helping it.


When the lining is damaged, it can transfer on to your hands, clothes and ruin items in your bag. To fix the aged leather, we fully remove the deteriorating surface of the damaged lining. We will remove the crumbly coating, perform a full clean of the bag after the removal and then dye the lining if you wish to add that as well. In addition, we recommend dying the lining instead of replacing it because this retains the authenticity of the bag.  


Lining strip repair prices start from $150




You can often spot edging and inking on the beloved Louis Vuitton Neverfull, or a Hermés Birkin. This addition is often seen in a contrast colour such as the dashing Louis Vuitton red or matching the leather. While this feature is a great addition to a luxury bag, it can become cracked and peel away from use. Instead of telling you to use your bag less, we have a specific treatment for the edging, or inking, where we remove all the excess material and replace with a fresh coat.

When you bring your luxury bag in for this treatment, we colour match the original inking, remove the old inking, prep the area and re-edge. We also recommend a clean and degreasing on the handles prior to treatment, but we will let you know if this is needed.

Edging or Inking prices start from $100




One of our main values as a bag restoration company is that we strive to keep each piece as close to the original as possible. This means, Bagsamoré only offers minor stitching repairs to the original stitching. We are never creating new holes, we go through the original holes in the leather.

You may find yourself requiring this service for your Boy Chanel Handbag or another bag that features a thick stitching as a signature look. In our luxury bag stitching, we match the colour of your bag’s original thread to the one we use and only stitch in the original holes.

Fun Fact: Did you know the Boy Chanel Handbag was created by Karl Lagerfeld, but named after Gabrielle Chanel’s first love, Boy Capel? That love became a universal love for all fashion lovers due to its iconic style and quality.

Stitching prices start from $50


Piping Repair


The piping on a leather handbag is the outer layer of the seam of the bag that can either be the same colour or a different colour leather that creates a dramatic effect. One of the most iconic leather bags with piping are on Louis Vuitton bags such as the Louis Vuitton Speedy. 

While it is aesthetically pleasing, piping can be a weak spot on a handbag that wears through on the corners. Instead of replacing the entire piping, we simply repair the affected area with care and precision. The reason we only repair the affected area with specialist techniques and leather products is to preserve the authenticity.

For our piping repair, we fix the broken piping, the leather is repaired back together, missing leather is replaced with flexible leather fillers and piping is re-coloured to match the bag. In addition, you can add a colour service for the surrounding area of the piping repair to ensure consistency. 

Piping prices start from $80


Metal Polish


metal polish

Some of the most iconic bags sport metal pieces on luxury leather. Whether it is a classic Chanel bag with its famous CC logo metal clasp, or a timeless Yves Saint Laurent envelope bag that sports the YSL metal logo, a metal polish is a great repair to make your bag shine.


This special service is great to finish off a full luxury bag restoration. The hardware is cleaned, polished and buffed, which makes it shine like you never imagined! We carefully work around all the hardware on your item and buff it with a cloth for professional finish


This is one of the cheapest handbag repair services, which can be done alone, but we highly recommend pairing it with another service. While it does not restore colour loss or remove scratches from hardware, it is an important piece to keep shining. 

Stitching prices start from $35

As a Sydney handbag repair business, we have the pleasure of working with a range of different brands. From Chanel, to Prada, Gucci, Hermés, Michael Kors and everything in between, we have experience with all the finest luxury leather goods.

In addition to repairing handbags, we also offer refresh and restore services. These services are perfect for those who are wanting to give your handbag a good clean or service.

Our affordable refresh services start from $35 and include stain protection, degreasing, leather and suede clean, fabric clean, and mould clean. This is perfect for those with a dreadful makeup stain on the inside of your bag, or those who are actively protecting their bag for future use.

Wanting to go a little further in treating your bag? Then our restore services are the ones for you! Think bag spa; a pampering treatment for a luxury handbag revival where we not only offer stain removal, but offer professional colour changes and work. The restore services start from $100 and include dye/ink removal, stain removal, colour work, chain strap restore, colour change, and vachetta restore. 

Looking to sell your used designer bag? Get the most out of your money by giving it a full rehab with us. You can refresh, restore and repair to increase its value and sell it quicker! Each bag we work on receives its own personal quote to cater its services to you specifically. 


Upload photos of your bag today to receive a quote and see how you can give your luxury bag a new lease on life at Bagsamoré!