Mouldy Bag?

Here is our step by step guide on removing unwanted mould from your designer bags. 


Alexander Wang Mould Removal 


Mould - one of the most annoying, disgusting, gross things to discover when pulling your favourite bag or shoes out of the wardrobe. Not only is mould difficult to remove and stop returning, but it causes smells and can be very damaging to your health. 

But why does it happen?!


So lets rewind back to when you last used your bag
You take your bag everywhere with you:

The shops

On commute

Public bathrooms






When a change in weather conditions occurs such as overly wet, or humid or BOTH!...this creates the perfect environment for mould to form.

What a lot of us don't consider is the amount of bacteria that is left on the bag when we put it away. Remnants of food and dirt left in the bag and with the right conditions bacteria will multiply and mould will begin to grow. 

Once mould starts to grow it will infect and pass on to other things if not caught quickly.


Louis Vuitton Mould Removal 


How to get rid of mould and stop it coming back?



Step 1. 

Clean your bags before you put them away. A simple regular cleaning routine on your favourite bags, can eliminate the bacteria which will in-turn stop mould from occurring. Bagsamoré Luxe Multi Clean is perfect for this. It works on ALL types of leather and fabric including suede and nubuck and kills up to 99% of common bacteria found ont he surface of handbags. 

Step 2. 

If mould has already occurred, Bagsamoré Luxe Multi Clean will still do the trick. It is a powerful enzyme cleaner, which not only kills bacteria but also eliminates mould spores and neutralises odours too. This all in one product is what every wardrobe needs to keep it happy, healthy and clean. Ps. It will work on your clothes too!  

Step 3.

If cleaning mould yourself is not for you, then Bagsamoré offers a specialise mould cleaning service. Perfect for those out of control situations and to ensure every nook and cranny is taken care of. Simply message with images today for a quote,



We regularly clean our homes, clothes, hair, bodies, dishes, floors, etc. But for some crazy reason we seldom clean our shoes and bags. It's simple. Cleaning your bags and shoes before you store them away WILL prevent mould from occurring. Mould needs bacteria to grow. If your items are clean there will be nothing to cause the mould. 

Above is a great example of what can collect in the corners of our handbags inside. This is a Louis Vuitton Neverfull and is typically what can be found in the corners before cleaning. At a glance your bag may look clean inside but when you really dig deep you begin to uncover the debris of day to day life. 


How To Clean Mould Using Our Luxe Multi Cleaner


Mould can be very damaging to health. The spores can become air born and when inhaled can cause problems such as asthma. This can make cleaning difficult and not recommended to do at home if it affects large areas. 


Let us do the dirty work for you

Fill in our Quote Form with pictures of your bag that needs help and we will send you a quote for the work. Mould Cleaning prices start at $155. We offer a free courier collection and delivery service across the whole of Australia.


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