2020 is the year of toilet paper and hand sanitiser. One of the two is severely harmful to your luxury leather goods; any guess at which one it is?

Assuming you answered hand sanitiser, you’re correct! Antibacterial hand sanitiser is a necessity in the current climate to have on hands at all times. Whether you’re running to the market, work, or for a night out, the new norm includes excessively scrubbing our hands with sanitiser. 

While we like to think we had good hygiene prior, it was not an assumed item in your handbag. 

We often chuck items in our bags without a second thought, but that normally included our wallets, keys, and other items that aren’t at risk of spillage. 

Sadly, hand sanitisers contain alcohol which can damage your luxury leather goods. The alcohol removes the colour and causes damage to the finish on leather and coated canvas. 


While sanitiser may protect your health, Bagsamoré is protecting the health of your luxury bags. 

If your bag has already been victimized by your hand sanitiser, Bagsamoré offers services to remove those stains. Regardless of the size, severity or colour of the stain, we pride ourselves on tailoring the treatment to your bag specifically. 

No two treatments are the same!

Leather, canvas, suede, you name it, we will care for your bag like it is our own. Our specialists will professionally remove the stains while maintaining the authenticity of your luxury goods. 


If you’re a proactive person and have not fallen to the wrath of hand sanitiser on your designer bag, it is only a matter of time. So rather than living in defensive mode, you can be on top of the protection game with our luxe leather protector. This leather protector is a water based solution that will not only protect against hand sanitiser staining, but also: 

Dye transfer

Oil and grease

Liquid staining

Ink and paint

Day to day dirt

UV damage 


Contact us today to request a quote for a professional cleaning of your leather goods today!