One of Bagsamoré’s most popular services is Colour Change. Light coloured handbags are the perfect candidate for this service because we always recommend changing from a lighter colour to a darker colour for the best finish. This is the perfect option for your bag if you have a light coloured one that became discoloured to a point that restoration cannot be successfully achieved.


This service can allow you to be creative with your handbags! We invest so much time and money into our handbags when purchasing them, but what if you want to change up the colour? It doesn’t make sense to go out and buy a brand new bag in the same style just to have a different look. A colour change on a luxury designer bag can give it a whole new lease on life.

Is my Bag Eligible for a Colour Change?


If you have a light coloured leather bag, finished or not, you can most likely be eligible for a colour change. Whether your bag is a finished leather which requires pigments or is an unfinished leather, suede or fabric to be dyed, a colour change can make your beloved handbag look like a completely different bag. Suede bags can be colour changed as well; we use a dye to fully change the colour of the leather.


We always recommend changing from a lighter colour to a darker colour for the best finish because the lighter the original colour the larger range of colour options you have.

How Does Colour Change Affect my Bag?


Your bag will be treated depending on the type of leather. For example, patent leather is dyed to retain the shine and once dyed will permanently remain that colour. In contrast, pigmented colour changes will wear with use and annual colour touch ups for worn corners are recommended (much like the original leather).


Each bag will be individually assessed because we aim to retain the same feel and sheen of the leather unless otherwise requested. If you do choose to change the feel and look of the original leather, matte, satin and high gloss available for finishes. 

How Much Does a Colour Change Cost?

Each bag receives a personalised quote based on the size, material and work required of the bag. The colour change services start from $300, but you can receive an exact price by emailing us for a free quote.


Examples of Colour Changes 

From large projects to smaller dye jobs, we offer a range of options that are always tailored to your bag specifically. Have a special request? Ask and you shall receive!

Louis Vuitton Vachetta Colour Change

When Vachetta gets too dry, dark or discoloured, colour change will yield the best results. You can dye it to a darker colour for a fresh, new look. After dying the vachetta, we finish it off with a light coat of pigment for a sealed finish to give it a professional finish. 

Lady Dior Patent Colour Change

This patent Dior bag came in looking discoloured and stained over time. In order to transform it into this beautiful black bag, we used a professional strength dye that won’t transfer to clothes or handles but is adsorbed deep into the leather.

Boy Chanel Leather Colour Change

Nothing is more classic than a black Chanel bag. If you have a colourful one in your collection and think you may want to upgrade to a classic black look, a colour change is a perfect option. 

Beige Chanel Flap Bag to Green

You don’t have to dye your bag black to get the best result! This beige Chanel Flap Bag was looking old and used before our team transformed it into a beautiful green colour. 

Vintage Hermés Kelly Bag Colour Change

Have a specific colour you want your bag to be matched to? This is a unique service we are able to do. We can colour match to anything you wish. For this Vintage Hermés Kelly bag, we were sent a colour swatch from Hermés to match a new strap. Before performing the colour change, we repaired the handle and fixed up the corners and then performed a colour change inside and out. 

Have any questions? We are happy to help with a free quotation. You can check out hundreds of designer bag transformations on our Instagram as well