Incorrect Cleaning on Luxury Leather Bags


Incorrectly cleaning your leather goods can definitely do more harm than good. If you cheap out on the maintenance, it will decrease the value of your luxury bag over time. 


This beautiful YVES Saint Laurent Kate bag in black leather is a beautiful statement to any outfit. But the statement can be easily overshadowed when the leather is damaged or appears streaky.  


This is the result of an incorrect cleaning product that leads to left over residue, damage to the finish and in some cases colour loss! Instead of risking it, you want to make sure you use a leather cleaner that you can trust. 


At Bagsamoré, we offer a professional leather cleaning service. This service is perfect for gently used bags that have light surface dirt build up. The products we use are water based that are not only good for the environment, but good for the health of your leather goods. 


Each leather is treated with specific care and our specially curated services for all different types of leather.  For a finished leather like this YSL black beauty, an intense foaming treatment would be a suitable option. In addition, we offer a metal polish service to clean the hardware to give your bag that extra shine! 

If you’re looking to do the leather maintenance yourself, we also offer a  Luxe Leather Cleaner. This cleaner is the perfect product for all of your luxury leather bags. This, like our tailored service, uses a water based product. We recommend using this for regular upkeep, but does not work as a heavy stain removal. 


If you’re curious if your bag would benefit from a professional cleaning or simply using the leather cleaner at home, get a quote from Bagsamoré! We can assist you with what your bag may need.