You know how we clean and restore designer handbags? Well, here at Bagsamoré we also makeover shoes too!

Our shoe services range from damaged heel restoration, leather repair to colour revival and many more.  


Chanel Pump Recolour 

Just look at these Chanel shoes! We love love love these designer pumps and recolouring them is definitely one of our most popular shoe restorations.

Once this pair arrived at Bagsamore, we repaired the scuffs and wear, then cleaned up the fabric trim. Finally we restored the pumps back to their original colour. Now they’re looking as good as new! What do we think guys?!

Chanel Pumps Recolour

Chanel Pumps Recolour 1


Valentino Rockstud Pump Restoration

Damaged shoe points? Damaged heels? Never fear! Just check out the results we can achieve. Why not send us images of your shoes to see how we can help get them looking fab again.

Valentino Shoe Repair

Valentino Shoe Repair Recolour


Valentino Leather Shoe Repair 

Shoes can see a lot of wear and tear, such as this Valentino Rockstud pair. These poor shoes were damaged on their tips and the leather had torn on the shoes heels too!

Valentino Leather Restoration

We expertly repaired the leather, smoothed down the damaged areas and recoloured the shoes to make them look as good as new again. Such a great transformation! 

Valentino Heel Repair


Valentino Rockstud Patent Shoe Clean

You might be worried to purchase a nude pair of heels, thinking that they’ll show up all kinds of stains and basically be a pain to look after! But don’t worry we can make them look fab again! Just checkout the below transformation…

These rockstud pair of shoes suffered with dark marks after a spillage from a night out.

Patent Valentino Clean

We carried out a patent shoe clean, which removed the marks from the shoes.

Patent Valentino Shoe Heel Repair

Then for the leather heels, we smoothed down the leather and retouched the colour to blend the damaged area in. 


Gucci Loafer Clean and Colour Restoration

These cream Gucci loafers are one of our first restoration projects out here in Australia!! Here they are a year later back in the workshop for a top up. They’ve seen a few nights out since their first time at Bagsamore and were ready for a clean and colour refresh.

Gucci Loafers

Chanel Espadrilles Clean and Colour Restore

These Chanel shoes are a fashionista dream! The owner absolutely LOVES them and wore them all the time, but with this the shoes became dirty and lightly damaged. We matched the colour and repaired the scuffs to the leather. So now they’re all ready for the summer ahead!

Feel confident when you wear your espadrilles, that there’s someone out there who can bring them back to their former glory.

Chanel Espadrilles Recolour


Louis Vuitton Pumps Patent Clean 

As most shoes do, they became worn and dirty with use and patent leather is no exception! We cleaned them using a specialist patent cleaner to remove the dirt and increase their shine. Now they are ready for another seasons wear.

Louis Vuitton Pump Restore


Patent Mulberry Shoe Colour Change 

The owner felt these shoes were due an update, as the cream patent had become worn and discoloured. She decided you can’t go wrong with a classic black pair of shoes. So we dyed the patent leather black and now these shoes have a new lease of life!

Mulberry Shoes Colour Change


Leather Boots Colour Change

Bored with the colour of your boots? Well we can totally transform them! Check out these tan coloured boots, which we changed to a stylish grey colour. As leather experts we have the skills needed to carry out a professional colour change. We ensure that the leather stays soft, supple and like it should! Contact us to find out more about our Colour Change service.

Leather Boots Colour Change


Louis Vuitton Slider Recolour 

The soles on these sliders were getting worn and their beautiful pink coloured soles were chipping away. We restored the colour to match exactly and refinished the leather. Now these gorgeous shoes look as good as new!

Louise Vuitton Slider Recolour


If you have some shoes that need some love, request a quote today!