Louis Vuitton bags are having a moment. These beautiful, classic, timeless and elegant bags are always trending; which is obvious from the amount of Neverfulls and Alma’s that we see in the Bagsamore workshop on a weekly basis.


Louis Vuitton bags can be a really excellent investment piece, as these bags are pretty sturdy and can withstand many years of uses before the wear and tear begins to show.


When it comes to Louis Vuitton repair, you’d be surprised at what can and can’t be fixed. So if you have a Louis Vuitton hanging around at the back of your closet, then now might be the time to bring it out for a little refresh.


Here’s what can be fixed:

Vachetta Restore

vachetta restore


Vachetta is a type of leather popularised by Louis Vuitton. You’ll know it by the distinct look and feel of this beautiful and high end leather that outlines their classic bags.


Louis Vuitton owners are often amazed at how much their bag’s vachetta naturally darkens in time. This is a combination of the leather naturally ageing and also the natural oils from your hands discolouring the handles and vachetta over time. This process is called Patina and actually means that no two bags will ever look the same - ageing is beautiful ladies!


Sometimes however, pesky hand sanitiser or food and wine stains can damage your beautiful Louis Vuitton bags. Often it’s mystery stains that come into our workshop!


Our vachetta restore technique has been honed from years’ of experience and using the best leather care products certified by Louis Vuitton and other high end designers.


We condition and hydrate the leather to bring it back to it’s former self!




degreasing louis vuitton

As mentioned above, the natural oils of our hands can cause the handles of Louis Vuitton bags to darken and look greasy over time.


Handles made from Vachetta leather can turn very dark, especially if you’re using a lot of hand cream, SPF or hand sanitiser on your hands. These liquids naturally seep into the leather causing them to discolour.


Luckily we can do a pretty good job at degreasing them and returning them back to their glory years! It’s like anti-ageing for bags,



Edging and Inking


Did you know that the edging of Louis Vuitton Speedy handles are a bright red?


Many long-time owners of Louis Vuitton bags simply forget this beautiful feature of their bags ever existed thanks to the colour gradually fading in time!


It’s one of our simple yet effective techniques at refreshing all the beautiful Louis Vuitton bags that come into our workshop.


See more here: https://www.bagsamore.com.au/services/bag-repair/edging-inking 

Can we repair rips?

Unfortunately, there will always be some accidents that can’t be fixed such as severe rips, hardware repairs and sun damage. 


But these aren’t things we recommend you self-diagnose from reading articles. Instead, send in pictures of your handbags to us so that we can take a look and make a recommendation for your Louis Vuitton repair.

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