Okay so we just LOVE luxury handbags. That’s why we do, what we do!

We’re always striving to improve our techniques. One new(ish) treatment we’re offering has us super excited…. It’s a Vachetta Colour Change!!!

We see sooooo many Louis Vuitton handbags coming to us with their light leather edging (called the Vachetta), looking all dirty and dark. It just breaks our heart.

Just checkout the below photo to see what we mean.

Louis Vuitton Greasy Vachetta

Such. a. common. problem.

So we’ve always offered a Vachetta Restoration treatment for Louis Vuitton bags.

This is where we clean the leather and extract as much grease out of it as possible. Yup, we’re sorry to break it to ya, but a lot of those dark marks are actually grease from your natural skin oils.

Louis Vuitton Vachetta Restoration

Our Vachetta Restoration treatment works with the bags original leather to clean and lighten it, but we were finding some customers just really wanted a fresh new look for their handbag.

Top dog and Bagsamore founder Freya, came up with the idea of dying brown coloured vachetta to black. We tested it on a Louis Vuitton handbag and were amazed by the results.

Et voila!!! Our Vachetta Colour Change treatment was born!

Louis Vuitton Vachetta Colour Change Leather Trim

We just can’t get over how wearable and modern the bags look with their fresh new trim. So far we’ve updated the vachetta of many Louis Vuitton styles, including Alma, Montsouris backpack, Noe, Tivoli, Speedy and more.


Louis Vuitton Holdall Vachetta Colour Change

Here’s an example of a customers holdall which was sent into Bagsamore for some TLC.

The staining on the trim would be really hard to clean up (and probably wouldn’t restore), so we recommended dying the vachetta to black. This enabled us to strengthen the damaged area and conceal the discolouration too.

Louis Vuitton Holdall Leather Trim Clean Retore

Now this Louis Vuitton looks fabulous thanks to our Vachetta Colour Change, don’t ya think?

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