At first glance, you may think this Hermés Kelly Mini leather bag is damaged beyond repair...but fear not, Bagsamoré worked wonders on this luxury bag to give it a new lease on life.


What caused the stain on this designer bag? 

The client used incorrect cleaning products on this leather Hermés bag that led to a bad stain on the front. If that’s not bad enough, the product was over-rubbed into the bag which flattened the prominent grain pattern.


In addition to the leather being flattened out, the excessive rubbing and incorrect product also removed the beautiful blue colour.


So not only was there a stain, but the original colour on the bag was stripped; meaning it was necessary to perform a colour service. Many handbag restoration companies stray away from colour services as it is difficult to match the original colour completely, but not us! We love the challenge and are a trusted luxury handbag repair company.

mini hermes stain removal

How did we fix this?



No, it wasn’t magic, just very qualified luxury bag cleaners and repairwomen!


When this damaged Hermés bag came to us, the first priority was removing the stain. The stain was removed by using water based cleaning products, to remove the excess cleaning product that remained in the grain. 


Once the stain was removed, we were able to move onto the colour matching. We are able to colour match leather exactly using pigments or dye to get the most professional finish. 


Both the colour work and stain removal are considered “restore services” because we perform colour work, colour matching and colour treatments. Our restoration services are like sending your bag to a spa weekend; it comes back repaired, fresh and ready to take on the world!

How much does this cost?

Like this Hermés custom colour, each handbag is different and requires a specialised and tailored service. We have a general sense of pricing on our website which states stain removals start from $100 and colour work begins at $125.


Once you send us photos of your designer bag, we will quote you before picking it up with our free courier service. While we are Sydney based, we offer free tracked and insured courier collection and delivery across the whole of Australia. So, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane, wherever you are, we are able to receive your bag.


You can receive a quote by filling out this form. We look forward to working with you!