The 90’s/00's are making a come back!

Unfortunately it's not the Spice Girls but instead some interesting handbag styles that were once very popular are gracing the shelves once again.

Dior Saddle

The iconic Dior saddle bag is back! It was made famous in the 00's by attracting the attention of numerous celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Beyoncé but most importantly - Sarah Jessica Parker the Sex and the City fashion icon of the era.

Photo Credit - Pinterest


The original Dior Saddle bag was slightly smaller in its original design and came in many differnet colours and materials. This year Dior have brought it back in two sizes, both slightly bigger than the original, and is available in leather, Dior Oblique canvas or embroidery.

So why has this become one of the greatest handbag comebacks of all time?

Some may argue that the bag has a timeless beauty - it certainly is the only one of its' kind. But for so many years this bag as a second hand piece has been one of the least desirable purchases, averaging a cost of $200.00. Now the bag has returned the second hand retail value has increased to a whopping $1000.00! We are sure there are many of you ladies scrambling to the back of your wardrobes to resurrect this once long forgotten bag. 

If there is one thing for sure, Dior certainly knows how to do a launch. Catching the attention of key influencers on Instagram and reingniting the flame with celebrity culture, this bag really has made one of the biggest fashion comebacks in history!


Photo Credit - Harpers Bazaar


Fendi Baguette

Most of us look back at our younger selves and cringe at the sight of the handbags on our shoulder, and this couldn't be more true for the baguette bag - a staple item in every 00's girls wardrobe, including SJP!

Photo Credit - Stylecaster


This awkwardly sized, long rectangular bag is now making a comeback, perhaps inspired by the success of the Saddle bag, Fendi has decided to ressurect this classic.

But surely this bag can't fit the lifestyle of a modern day woman, with our much larger camera phones, car keys, wallet, compact makeup, diary and whatever other daily essentials we need. So what's different about this one?

Photo Credit - Vogue

Just like the Dior Saddle, this reincarnation has been made slightly bigger with an option to wear as a crossbody bag - this already sounds more practical!

In the 00's this bag was offered up in an array of colours and fabrics over a number of years, quickly becoming one of the most sought after handbags whenever a new design was released. They became collectors items, Elizabeth Taylor being one of them who famously had 17 different styles in her home auction.

So are we likely to see more designs over the coming seasons? Is this icon back to stay?


If you have a second hand classic that you would like to resurrect, then send us some images for a quote today. We are already getting to work with a client sending in this second hand Dior saddle for a Clean and Odour Removal:



and another client reviving her well worn Fendi mini baguette bag, in for a Clean, Colour Touch Up and Strap Repair:



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