Leather bags have and always will be a staple in our closets. Whether it be a fashionable coloured leather or a classic suede, you will most likely buy a leather handbag sometime in your life and we want to make sure you take care of it!


First things first, you have to understand the different types of leather; suede, pigmented leather, unfinished, etc. each leather has a different care routine depending on its type. By using different cleaners and techniques for every type of leather, Bagsamoré makes sure we get the possible result for your leather bag cleaning.

Types of Leather

Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leathers are the least natural grain leather, but most durable such as the Chanel Caviar leather. For these types, we have a foam cleaning service which gets deep into the grain, lifting dirt and soiling on the surface. A good option for protecting and cleaning your luxury bag at home is with the Bagsamoré products because they are water based and safe to use. In conjunction with the two products, your pigmented leather will be taken care of.

Unfinished Leather

Unfinished leather has no pigment and little to no finish on the surface, making it a harder leather to care for. At Bagsamoré, we have a specialist aniline cleaner, which gently cleans the surface of the bag, without being absorbed quickly. This reduces the chances of water marking and allows for more effective cleaning results. This is exclusive to Bagsamoré in Australia so you won't find results quite like it anywhere else! Our Luxy Leather Protector and Cleaner are also ideal for cleaning and protecting this type of leather. 

Suede & Nubuck

Warning! Your suede bags require much different cleaning techniques. For suede and nubuck surfaces, we have a wet and dry method for cleaning stains and dirt. This technique was developed in house and produces results like no other on suede and nubuck. Our Luxe Leather Cleaner also works ideally on this type of leather. 

Leather Protection Tips

Luxe Leather Protector

The best type of cleaning is prevention. Before taking your leather handbag out and about, we recommend protecting it. You can feel safe about using our Luxe Leather Protector because it is a water-based product, which is perfect for all types of leather bags aside from patent, suede and nubuck. 

Regularly using Luxe Leather Protector will help to protect your handbag from: day to day dirt, UV damage and dye transfer.


– Just spray onto a clean lint free cloth

– Test on an inconspicuous area such as the bottom or inside

– Wipe the cloth onto the leather focusing on one panel at a time

– Leave to air dry



At Home Leather Cleaning Tips

Luxe Leather Cleaner

To clean and cleanse your handbag, our Luxe Leather Cleaner will be your best friend! This water-based wonder product conditions leather bags whilst removing light dirt. Our product comes with clothes for application which can be cut to size. 


– Spray a light layer evenly onto a clean lint free cloth

Test on an inconspicuous area such as the bottom or inside to make sure this product suits your bag

– Wipe the cloth onto the leather focusing on one area at a time

– Leave to air dry


Use in conjunction with Luxe Leather Protector for the ultimate handbag care routine. 

Not designed for heavy stain removal. Luxe Leather Cleaner can be used for general light cleaning of day to day dirt build up. For an in-depth clean, we recommend booking a leather cleaning service.


Bagsamoré Cleaning Services

Leather Cleaning (Not Suede)

At Bagsamoré, we use water based cleaning products in our studio that are good for the environment and not a dry cleaning chemical in sight! Each leather is treated differently, we have specially curated services for every type. 



– Interior Clean

– Exterior Clean


– Finished leather

– Aniline leather

– Patent leather

– Ostrich leather

– Snake/Python Skin

– Crocodile leather

– Other exotic leathers


Suede Cleaning

As mentioned above, suede is very different from other types of leather and is very susceptible to staining. A common stain or issue is from dye transfer and dirt builds up relatively quickly. This cleaning treatment thoroughly focuses on the surface of the leather and aims to reduce as much of the stain as possible.



– Interior lining clean

– Specialist Exterior suede clean

If you have a severe stain, you also have the option of dying your suede bag a darker colour for a full makeover. 


While this may be a lot of information, the main takeaway is to be preventative with your leather handbags to ensure its longevity. You can do this with our Luxe Leather Protector and upkeep your bag with the Luxe Leather Cleaner. Not sure which service works for you? You can send us pictures of your bag and we can give you a free quote.