Take a look at some of the YSL bags we have restored and the results we have achieved. If you have a YSL bag that needs some help, then get in touch! We have experience in restoring:

YSL Kate

YSL College

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

Saint Laurent Shopping Bag

YSL Kate Tassel

and more!

YSL Handbag Cleaning Services:


Clean and Dye Transfer Removal YSL Kate Medium Bag

This bag came in with dye transfer on the back. This may have been caused from wearing it with dark coloured jeans or a dark coloured dress.

This sort of problem can be prevented by applying Bagsamoré Luxe Leather Protector. Issues such as dye transfer will then wipe right off. 


In this instance we removed the dye using specilist leather cleaners. We then had to refinish the area using a custom mixed colour and a high shine finish. This recitfied any discolourations and kept the leather looking and feeling as it should. 

Black YSL Kate Cleaning:

Makeup can show up pretty well on black coloured leather, espeically powder and foundation. When makeup is left over on your hands it can easily transfer on to your bag and can be a bit of a pain to get off. This particular bag had makeup all over the back and front of the bag. 

We carried out a deep foam cleaning treatment to lift the makeup from deep in to the grain, ensuring there was non left behind. This returned the bag back to its original black colour. 


YSL Repair Services


Edging Repairs on YSL Kate

This well used party bag was looking worn around the edges. This can be one of the first places to go on a handbag as the corners and edges take the heaviest wear. This can result in cracking, chipping and sometimes complete loss of the glazing around the edges. This will make the bag look untidy and well used and more suseptible to further damage, weakening the leather.

We match every colour edging to the original, for a professional look.


Saint Laurent Tote Handle Edging


YSL Colour Services


YSL Tassel Colour Touch Up

Colour damage can happen in a number of ways. In this instance there was a small ink mark on the front. When the customer tried to remove it she removed the top coat of colour too, resulting in another unwanted mark on the front. 

We recommend not to try things such as alochol or hairpspray to get rid of ink from leather as this may resullt in the loss of colour and finish which needs to be professionally restored.

Here we matched the colour exactly and only touched up the area that needed it.



YSL Clutch Restore

This clutch was showing signs of wear on the outside with hairline scratches and colour fade. We fully cleaned the leather before matching the colour and refinishing the entire bag.